Work at Perch

Are you a developer who loves to make beautiful things with code? Are you a designer who can dive deep into your browser’s dev tools and return unscathed?

Were you the kid whose parents had to drag you kicking and screaming out of a museum because you wanted to stay forever? You’ll probably be a good fit at Perch.

Send us an email with your resume and a link to your portfolio.


Skills needed:

  • Strong portfolio with examples of web, UI, UX, and mobile projects
  • Top notch Creative Suite skills
  • Proficiency with Sketch or similar
  • Familiarity with CSS and how web-based code works
  • An interest in how the things you are designing are made

Bonus points if…

  • You can write some code
  • You have motion graphics or videography experience
  • You can use Sketchup or Rhino
  • You are really incredible at trivia


Skills needed:

  • Strong Javascript skills, including working with frameworks such as Node, React, Meteor, or Vue
  • Incredible CSS skills
  • Comfortable managing remote servers via command line
  • Strong WordPress theme and plugin development skills
  • Experience working with LAMP stacks, RESTful APIs, and the rest of the traditional web stuff

Bonus points if…

  • You are proficient with Three.js or D3
  • You have dabbled in WebVR/AR/XR, TensorFlow, or Processing
  • You have published a native app just for fun