About Perch

Perch is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in combining high quality design work with cutting-edge interactive technologies.

We believe that future-facing organizations come in all sizes, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create dynamic experiences, exhibits, graphics, and applications for organizations both big and small. Our diverse skillset, flexibility, and eagerness to take on new challenges allow us to quickly adapt to the needs of each project.

We are story tellers.

We translate complex, nuanced content into compelling interfaces and experiences.

We are hybrids.

We enjoy straddling the lines between design/development and digital/physical. We like to get our hands dirty.

We are collaborators.

We believe in the power of group-based problem solving. Work with us.

We are technologically agnostic.

We would rather find the right solution than shoehorn an idea into our comfort zone.

We are do-ers.

We bring the creative thinking, but we also bring the tools to get things done.

We are a little weird.

Because to make interesting experiences, you need to be interesting.