Interactive Map Table

Every map tells a story.

Our Interactive Map Tables (IMTs) are great solutions for combining rich content with spatial data in a compelling, multi-user package. Generally serving as the centerpiece of an exhibit, an IMT encourages visitors to gather and explore place-based narratives that weave GIS data together with slide-based content in a way that grounds abstract topics in the known world. Maps bring data to life and we help make them interesting.

Built with massive touchscreens in tabletop orientation, these beauties run a flexible mapping and visualization engine capable of supporting 2 – 4 simultaneous visitors. Some variations also feature peripheral touchscreens with additional content that interacts with the main touchscreen. The IMT that we built for The Gundalow Company explores changes in Piscataqua Estuary region over time while the installation at Frenchman Bay Conservancy helps visitors find nature trails and understand the importance of land conservation.